RTYD IV: Day 3 Recap and Over Halfway Home

I’ve been thinkin’ about this for the last three days
I don’t think that I am deluding myself
I don’t think that this is just a phase
I don’t mean to shock you
I hope that I am not rushing in
I think that this is kind of important
I don’t know where exactly to begin

My whole life has been a constant ailment
You can provide a simple remedy
Yea, I’m gonna show some vast improvements
When you give your love to me
– Kevin Gilbert

As Day 2 waned on and on taking with it my energy, my confidence, and several layers of my skin, Day 3 proceeded to change in my mind from a ride that I could do in a certain amount of time to a ride that I might not be able to do at all.

Day 3

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.08.40 PM

As I entered Day 3, my mentality changed from needing to keep a particular pace to just getting to the end of the day. I’ve said it before in other posts that there’s a certain aspect to biking where no matter how much you’ve trained or what you’re capable of, it comes down to just continuing to pedal. Even if I was going 6mph, I would eventually make it at the end of the day. So I turned my focus from my pace and put it all into just pedaling.

The other side of today was that Day 4 has always loomed in my mind is the easiest day. I felt that if I could just get through Day 3 in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of success and with a reasonable amount of skin still left on my bum, then Day 4 would be fine and all that remained looming ahead of me would be Day 5. As I’ve already acknowledged, Day 5 will be the hardest ride but also the one that has zero time limit. I can pedal through the night just to make it to the finish and I know for a fact that I can pedal for a full day or more if necessary. I figure that as long as I make it by Sunday afternoon, it’s a success. It’s also a necessity because that’s when my ride leaves to take me back to Iowa.

imageI ended Day 2 walking bowlegged to try to prevent my skin from rubbing up against itself. Today, I strapped on gauze and a maxi pad, making it look like I had an armadillo in my trousers, and I rode with two pairs of bike shorts to try to mitigate the chafing. Within the first 20 miles, the solution was working and that would hold up for the rest of the day. However, that, combined with my tongue soreness, meant longer rest stops to eat different foods and change the bandages. As a result, I finished Day 3 behind schedule.

The day also started with a thunderstorm, delaying me even further. But, the fact that I survived the day at all seems noteworthy enough for me at this point. Things have not gone according to plan any day so far and that sucks but I’m making it to my destinations and that seems good, maybe.

What Ails You

The top concerns moving forward are serious back and neck pains from my backpack, constant tingling and numbness in my hands resulting in me needing to change my positioning on the handlebars every ten to thirty seconds, the chafing issue, and the tongue issue.

Music To My Ears

The lyrics from today are by Kevin Gilbert, who I found out about when I was reading a history of the band Genesis. He was supposed to replace Peter Gabriel, except he died a couple of weeks before actually joining the band. But I love these lyrics because they remind me of how important having a companion is. The amount of support I’ve received for this ride is incredible and I’m pretty pumped that the wife decided to give her love to me (debatable). While I’m pedaling, she’s updating all the posts, contacting news outlets for interviews to spread awareness about the foundation, and researching remedies for ailments like my sore tongue (I purchased some B vitamin tonight to see if that helps). So when I heard these lyrics today, I remembered hearing them for the first time driving up to New York City when she lived there during an internship. That was also the trip during which I asked her to be my wife (okay, I love you again).


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